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9th December 2012 - CACIB Winter Winner, Celje (Slo)  

Judge: Orietta Zilli (I) (BOB & BIS), 
Bojan Mataković (Cro) (Group judge)
Max - ex1, V.BOB, BOB, Res. VBIS, 3rd BOG

Max finished this year in style. At the international show in our hometown he impressed judges with his condition and reached to the 2nd Best Veteran in Show and 3rd Best of Group VIII.  I cuoldn't be happier with his results.

1st & 2nd December 2012 - DUOCACIB NITRA (Sk)  

Judge: Petr Studenik (Cz)
Max - ex 1, VBOB, Veteran Best in Show

Photo by Neža Jereb

Photo by Neža Jereb

10th November 2012 - CACIB Šempeter (Slo)  

Judge: Boris Baič (Slo)
Max - ex1, VBOB, Veteran Best in Show

13th October 2012 - MVP České Budějovice (Czech)  

Judge: R. Reyniers (B)
Max: ex1, Veteran BOB, VETERAN BEST IN SHOW!!!

Another weekend out with Linda Volarikova, Max did it again - reached all to the top. Thank you Linda & the girls.

7th October 2012 - EURODOG SHOW 2012 (Buchurest, Romania)  

Judge: Štefan Šinko (Slo)

Just a week before the show Max left for his training and grooming reparation to his breeder Linda Volarikova. I am very thankfull for her help, support and encuragement. Above all I appreciate her help in handling Max very much. Back in show rings, they are proving they still are The Team.

Max winning European Veteran Winner titlle

23rd September 2012 - International dog show CACIB Pohorje 2012, Slovenia  

Breed & BIS judge: Sigrid Jarmer (A)
Max: ex1, V.BOB, 2nd V.BIS

22nd September 2012 - International dog show CACIB Maribor 2012, Slovenia  

Judge: Štefan Šinko (Slo)
BIS judge: Jeff Luscott (GB)
Max - ex 1, BOB Veteran, 3rd Best Veteran in Show

It was a special show for me. For the first time in long time after showing Solo, it was Max's turn now, so he was the only one shown. I am very proud of his another V.BIS placement.

Max during the shows in Maribor

26th August 2012 - CAC Trbovlje, Slovenia  

Judge (breed, group & BIS): Zlatko Kraljič (Cro)
Solo - ex1, CAC, BOB, BOG2
Max - ex1, Res. Veteran Best in Show

Almost sunny day turned into the most rainy dogshow I have ever been to. It was raining cats and dogs literaly. But the results we achieved were like a true sunshine. Max opened his first veteran championship.
17th August 2012 - Espozisione internationale canina Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy  

Judge:  Boris Baič, Slovenia
Solo - ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG3 (Group judge: Boris Baič, Slo)
Max - ex1, BOB Veteran, Veteran Best in Show (BIS judge: Guliano Biasiolo, It )

This was the starting show of Max's veteran show career. Max reached beyond our expectations  by winning Veteran Best in Show and Solo was just as successful by winning 3rd place in Group. I would like to thank all of the friends at the show for nice day and for sharing aftershow party in Goriska Brda.

A great combination of enjoying the show and after party with some friends in Goriska Brda, photo by Neza & Deya

1st July 2012 - CACIB Lendava, Slovenia  

Judge: Mijo Fury (Cro)
Solo - ex 1, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed

It was an extremelly hot day, with temperatures over 36°C, which was the reason why we left the show right after breed judging and missed Group judgement.
27th May 2012 - National dog show Hrušica (Slo)  

Breed & group judge: Vibor Ježek (Cro)
Solo - ex1, CAC, BOB, Res. Best of group

Solo in Hrušica, photo: Erik Lutman

13th May 2012 - CAC Koroška (Slo)  

Judge: Franc Dečman (Slo)
Max - ex 1, CAC, Best of Breed

Max had a little excercise before hitting the show rings in veteran class and he for sure has proven to be in top condition.
6th May 2012 - Esposizione Nazionale Canina di Udine, CAC Udine (It)  

Breed & group Judge: Alenka Pokorn (Slo),
BIS judge: Gabriele Dondi (It)
Solo - ex1, CAC, BOB, BEST OF GROUP, 3rd place BEST IN SHOW!!!

What a rainy and muddy show it was, but it turned out as just another perfect day with the result I could never even dared to think of. Groomed and handled all by my self, Solo reached all the way to the top. I am thankfull to my friends at the show for their help and support and to the judges for recognizing the beauty of Solo.

Solo winning 3rd place BIS in Udine

1st April 2012 - International Dog Show Luxembourg (LU)  

Judge: Carmen Gil Polo (ES)
Solo - ex1, CACL - finished conditiones for CH. Lux

Solo at the show

& with his CACL cup

26th February 2012 - Klub show Graz (A)  

Judge: Elena Ruskovaara (FI)
Solo - ex 1, CAC, CLUB WINNER, finished conditiones for Ch. A

Solo was profesionaly represented by Linda Volarikova both days. I am very proud of both of them as a team, they always reach very high. Thank you Linda once again for your help and support.

25th February 2012 - Internationale Hunde Ausstellung Graz (A)  

Breed Judge: Phillipe Fortemps (B),  
Group Judge: Marija Kavčič (Slo)
Solo - ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Res. Best of Group

Solo at the shows in Graz

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